Powerful Binoculars – Lightweight

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Lightweight Powerful Binoculars

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High quality light-weight binoculars for exploring the night sky or land based objects

The quality 50mm optics and anti-reflection coatings give you a bright view with a wide field of view for stargazing. Focussing is easy and precise with the central ‘slow focus’ mechanism.

The 10x magnification is about as much as you want for hand-held use for astronomy. Higher magnifications usually require a sturdy base such as a tripod.

They use porro prisms, which are better than roof prisms for astronomical observing because of of their greater light transmission. The prisms are made of BAK4 glass, which is higher quality than the borosilicate flint glass used in cheaper binoculars.

You will need a standard L-shaped adaptor if you wish to use them on a tripod (optional extra).


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