Emergency Maneuver Training – Book

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Emergency Maneuver Training

Controlling Your Airplane During a Crisis

Author: Rich Stowell

ISBN: 1-879425-92-0


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Emergency Maneuver Training

Controlling Your Airplane During a Crisis

Author Rich Stowell


The Definitive Work on an Important Subject

A common sense treatment of many of he questions left unanswered during flight training in one easy-to-read book. Learn emergency strategies that have been taught to military and civilian pilots around the world from the instructor who developed the EMT Program – the leading edge in emergency maneuver training technology since 1987.

REVIEW:  The fundamentals of flight; basic aerodynamics, turn dynamics, stall and spin dynamics, roll dynamics, glide dynamics, off airport landing scenarios.

DISCOVER:  The intricate relationship between pitch and power, airspeed and altitude, which control surface turns an airplane, the significance of the V-g diagram, what really causes a spin,, how wing-tip vortices behave, how to handle a control failure, how stress affects pilot performance, the critical sequence of events needed to recover from various unusual attitudes

LEARN: How the airplane’s attitude can negatively influence pilot perceptions, the difference between spirals, stalls and spins, how to avoid wake turbulence, how to maximise the probability of surviving a forced landing, trademark procedures such as PARE, Power Push Roll etc

ISBN: 1-879425-92-0


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