Meteorology for CPL Pilots – Book by Metservice

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Meteorology for CPL Pilots

Te Ratonga Tirorangi

Pages: 148

Chapters: 21

Author: Greg Reeve

Cover: Soft back

ISBN: 978-0-473-55338-8

Metservice has produced this Manual not only to halp you pass your CPL Meteorology examination but to give you the necessary tools to be able to make sound weather-based decisions in relation to your flying activities. The manual is comprised of 21 chapters set out in accordance with the CPL syllabus as stated in the CAA Advisory Circular ASC61-5.

This CPL manual assumes a full and comprehensive understanding of the objectives contained in the PPL syllabus. Chapter numbers are common across like topics in the PPL, CPL, and ATPL syllabi.

Throughout the publication reference is made to the Southern Hemisphere examples and references to the Northern Hemisphere are largely ignored. The Northern Hemisphere is a mirror image of the Southern Hemisphere  about the equator so wind directions etc. are reversed.

MetService wishes you happy and safe flying!




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